Abbassi Madani, Algerian Islamic militant and politician, Died at 88

Politician Abbassi Madani was born on February 28, 1931, at Diyar Ben Aissa, Sidi Okba  and he died on April 24, 2019.

He was the President of the Islamic Salvation Front in Algeria.

As a leader, Madani became the voice of a large part of the dispossessed Algerian youth.

During his childhood, he joined the National Liberation Front (FLN) and took an interest in the principal day of the Algerian War of Independence, November 1, 1954, by planting a bomb at an Algiers radio office.

However, he was captured by the French on November 17, 1954, and stayed in prison until autonomy in 1962.

After receiving his doctorate in instructive brain science in London from 1975 to 1978, he turned into a teacher of instructive sciences at the University of Algiers.

Madani became condemning of the FLN’s communist introduction, and in 1989, after the Algerian Constitution was changed to permit multiparty majority rule government.

Abbassi Madani helped to establish the vote based Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), which quickly developed to appreciate achievement in the resulting nearby elections.

He fought that the Islamic pith of November 1954 was double-crossed by the Charters of Tripoli and Algeria, alongside different contracts maintained by Houari Boumediene and Chadli Bendjedid

Abbasi Madani passe away at 88 years old, in Doha, Qatar.