Adam Neat, Australian DJ, Died at 42

Adam Neat died on May 4, 2019; he was an Australian DJ and music producer.

The DJ was found dead after reportedly attempting to rescue a friend who had fallen off the side of a Bali luxury hotel villa on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

It is, believed that DJ Adam Sky, tried to rescue his assistant, who had fallen several metres from the villa shortly before his fatal accident.


Initially, from Australia, the Singapore-based DJ garnered success touring throughout Asia, with more Top 100 and Top 10 charted tracks than any other producer in Asia, according to his official website data.

Adam also hosts a radio show, Guestlist Radio, which reaches more than a million monthly listeners worldwide, his website says.

Sadly, Adam Neat passed away from an injury he received while trying to rescue his assistant, he was 43 years old.