Aleksey Lebed, Russian military officer and politician, Died at 64

Aleksey Ivanovich Lebed was born on April 14, 1955, and died on April 27, 2019.

He was a Russian military officer and politician.

He worked with the Soviet/Russian Airborne Forces, similar to his increasingly unmistakable more seasoned sibling, the late Alexander Lebed.

After stopping military administration in 1995 in the position of Colonel, he was administrator of the legislature of Khakassia Administrative Republic.

He went to the post in 1997 and was re-chosen in 2000.

Shortly after he came to control in 1997, the transmitter of the Sayansk TV and radio organization was cut off.

However, Station boss Veniamin Striga said Lebed was responsible.

During 2006, criminal allegations were conveyed against Lebed identified with cases of maltreatment of power.

In 2009, Viktor Zimin accepting Lebed’s situation as the leader of the legislature of Khakassia.

Aleksey Lebed passed away at 64 years old.