Aminul Haque, Bangladeshi politician, Died at 76

Aminul Haque was a politician who served as the Minister of Post and Telecommunications of Bangladesh. A member of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), he represented Rajshahi-1 as a member of parliament from 1991 to 2006.

Aminul was a barrister. He was elected a member of parliament from the Rajshahi-1 constituency in the elections held in 1991, 1996 and 2001. Aminul worked as the Post and Telecommunications Minister during 2001–2006.


In 2005, BNP MP from Rajshahi-3 constituency, Abu Hena alleged that Haque was among several party members who were, affiliated with Bangla Bhai, military commander of a local Islamist organisation.

In November, Hena was, suspended from the party for the statements over the rise of Islamic militancy in the country. Bangla Bhai, before his execution in January 2007, disclosed Haque’s name as one of the patrons of Islamist militancy.

In July 2007, Aminul was, sentenced in absentia to 31 years and six months’ imprisonment for aiding and abetting the militants of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) in forcing and torturing people in Bagmara Upazila in 2004.

In May 2009, Frontline World, a US-based news service, reported he had received bribes from the German telecommunication company, Siemens in 2004. In July 2009, Haque surrendered and was, sent to jail.

In January 2018, Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina named Haque as one of the 50 Bangladeshis whose names were, included in the Paradise Papers. On 21 April 2019, Aminul Haque passed away at the age of 76.