Behnam Safavi, Iranian pop music singer, Died at 35

Behnam Safavi died on May 13, 2019.

He was an Iranian pop star.

Safavi was known as the “Iran’s gracious kid of music.

He was the maker of the collections ‘Be My Love’, ‘Quiet’, ‘Exceptional’ and ‘The Miracle’.

Safavi remained in the Milad Hospital of the focal Iranian city after he went into a state of extreme lethargy in January 2019.

He experienced the effective medical procedure in July 2015 at Tehran’s Erfan Hospital to expel a little tumor from his cerebrum.

Toward the beginning of October of that year, he declared his arrangement to play out a show to raise his spirits adequately to enable him to proceed with chemotherapy medications.

His medicinal group allowed him to play out the show sitting in a seat on October 9 at Tehran’s Milad Tower.

In June 2017, he reported that he was getting ready to have another activity at a German clinic as the tumor recrudesced.

After an effective activity performed by Professor Majid Samii and his group in a Hanover clinic in July, he came back to seek after restorative treatment in his country.

Nonetheless, toward the beginning of January 2019, he went into a trance-like state.

His individual pop vocalist Sirvan Khosravi alongside his sibling Xaniar and Shahab Ramezan played out a few joint shows at in Tehran to identify with Safavi’s family.

His introduction collection, “Be My Love”, was discharged in October 2009 and a melody by a similar name from the gathering before long turned into a raving success around then.

After two years, he discharged his second collection, “Quiet”, which earned him a firm spot in the Iranian popular music field.

Safavi died on Monday at 36 years old after a nearly four-year battle with brain cancer.