Betty Lockwood, Baroness Lockwood, British political activist and life peer, Died at 95

Betty Lockwood, Baroness Lockwood was born on January 22, 1924, in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, and died April 29, 2019.

She was a Labour Party activist.

Betty Lockwood was highly involved in promoting equal opportunities for women on a national and international level.

She was the daughter of Arthur Lockwood, a coal miner, Betty Lockwood followed an unconventional route into politics.

Betty left Eastborough Girls School at fourteen, then continued her studies at night school.

With the help of a Mary Macarthur grant for working ladies, she read financial aspects and legislative issues at Ruskin College in Oxford.

Following her learned at the college she wound up dynamic in the Labor Party as a local ladies’ coordinator for Yorkshire at that point moved to London as ladies’ officer.

Betty Lockwood crusaded for equivalent pay and was instrumental in the making of the Equal Pay Act 1970.

Lieutenant-Colonel Cedric Hall became her spouse in 1978, however, he died in 1988.

Baroness Lockwood passed away at 99 years old.