Boon Gould, English musician, Died at 64

Rowland Charles is also known as “Boon” Gould was born on March 4, 1955, in Shanklin, Isle of Wight, and died on April 30, 2019.

He was an English musician and one of the four founding members of Level 42.

He was, called ‘Boon’ since, at a very young age, an uncle of his said to his mother that his apparent inability to cry was a ‘real boon for the family’.

Rowland had a daughter named Chani but was not married to her mother.


He married in the early 1990s and had another child named Solomon.

The song “Good Man in a Storm” from the album World Machine alludes to the childhood of both Boon and Phil Gould.

In the song, written by Phil Gould, he states (probably to his mother), “There was a vision, flashing by, of a summer’s day I spent with you, with a child who never learnt how to cry.”

Sadly, Rowland Charles passed away at the age of 64.