C. K. Tedam, Ghanaian teacher and politician, Died at 93

Clement Kubindiwor Tedam Popularly known as C. K. Tedam died on April 25, 2019.

Mr. Kubindiwor was a Ghanaian teacher and politician from the royal family of Paga in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Clement Kubindiwor first won election to parliament as an independent candidate in 1954.

Clement was a founding member of the Northern People’s Party.

Clement Kubindiwor stood and won another election to parliament in 1956 on the ticket of the Northern People’s Party, NPP.

Clement also served as a Minister of Local Government during the regime of the Supreme Military Council Ghana.

Clement Kubindiwor was a member of the Council of State during the regime of John Kufuor.

Clement was a founding member of the New Patriotic Party.

Mr. Kubindiwor became the Chairman of the Party’s Council of elders during the time the NPP went in Opposition after 2008 and remained in that role till death.

Clement Kubindiwor died at 93 years old.