Can Bartu, Turkish basketball player and footballer, Died at 83

Can Bartu was born on January 31, 1936, in Istanbul and died on April 11, 2019.

He was a Turkish former basketball and football player.

Bartu was a sports journalist before he died.

Bartu began playing basketball for Fenerbahçe.

He won the international representative six-time with the national basketball team.

Then, he changed over to football in his club.

Bartu played twenty-six times for the Turkish national football team.

During 1961, he moved over to ACF Fiorentina in Italy.

He went back to Turkey in 1967 to play in his former club Fenerbahçe for more three years.

Throughout his career, he has played 326 games with Fenerbahçe and scored 162 goals.

Bartu was a four-time Turkish Super League champion in 1959, 1961, 1968 and 1970 with Fenerbahçe.

Recently, he hires on a national TV channel in Turkey as a commentator.

Can Bartu passed away at 83 years old.