Cho Yang-ho, South Korean businessman, Died at 70

Cho Yang-ho was born on 8 March 8, 1949, and died on April 8, 2019.

He was a South Korean businessman.

He served as the chairman and chief executive officer of Korean Air, chairman of the Hanjin Group, and a founding member of SkyTeam alliance.

Held in May 2018, a protest rally called for Cho to step down as chairman of Korean Air.

He was the child of Cho Choong-hoon [ko], the originator of Hanjin Group and head of Korean Air.

He was married, with one child and two little girls: Cho Won-tae, Cho Hyun-ah (additionally known by the English name Heather Cho), and Cho Hyeon-min.

Each of the three biological kids is likewise alumni of the University of Southern California.

His little girl, Cho Hyun-ah, ran the organization’s inn division.

Cho Hyun-ah was the subject of a December 2014 news report charging that she physically struck group individuals, requested a team part to stoop and ask for absolution, and requested a Korean Air Lines plane to come back to the entryway to constrain an airline steward off the plane in light of the fact that a parcel of macadamia nuts was served to her in a pack instead of on a plate.

Cho Hyun-ah was compelled to leave after the occurrence and was condemned to one year detainment without probation in February 2015.

She was discharged in the wake of serving 3 months.

Cho yang-ho has kicked the bucket at a U.S. medical clinic in Los Angeles County, California.

He died at 70 years old.