Coral Bonelli, Argentine actress, Died at 57

Coral Bonelli was born Fernando García Ortega on April 21, 1963, and died on May 7. 2019.

Bonelli was an actress, dancer and who promoted the trans movement in Mexico.

She was one of the most active promoters of the trans movement in Mexico.

He shared with great figures such as Katy Jurado, Sara García and Anthony Quinn.

He was viewed as one of the pioneers in Mexican film for his participation in the movies Faith, Hope and Charity and The Son of the Poor.

He had diabetes.

Bonelli was the son of Lilia Ortega “Doña Pinoles” and “La granita Dinamita”.

The pair was known in the middle of the night show as “Malafacha”.

Coral Bonelli died at her home in the downtown area of ​​Mexico City,

Coral Bonelli passed away at 57 years old.