Dagfinn Bakke, Norwegian artist, Died at 85

Dagfinn Bakke was born on August 16, 1933, and died on January 1, 2019.

He was a Norwegian painter, illustrator, and printmaker.

Mr. Bakke was born in Lødingen, and settled in Svolvær.

From 1952 Dagfinn worked as an illustrator for the magazine Magasinet For Alle.

Dagfinn was appointed as an illustrator for the newspaper Lofotposten (from 1956 to 1992), where Dagfinn had a regular column which Dagfinn signed as DAN.

Dagfinn illustrated several books and is represented at the National Gallery of Norway and other art galleries.

Dagfinn’s book illustrations include several humorous books by Arthur Arntzen.

Dagfinn was biographed by Bjørn Tore Pedersen in 2013.

During 1983, Dagfinn’s caricature of Margaret Thatcher, pictured as a besom-riding witch escorted home from the Falkland Islands by British aircraft, won first prize at the International Salon of Cartoons in Montreal.

Dagfinn was awarded the Petter Dass medal in 2015.

He died at 85 years old.