Dale Denno, American politician, Died at 68

Politician Dale Denno was born in California and died on April 16, 2019.

He was an American politician from Maine.

Dale Denno grew up in New York.

He attended Syracuse University and Cornell Law School.

He served with Unum for sixteen years, followed by a job as the assistant attorney general of Maine.

Later turned into a teacher at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine and director of the Preble Street Soup Kitchen.

Dale Denno resigned from the directorship of the Office for Family Independence inside the Maine Department of Health and Human Services in 2013.

He challenged the open seat of Maine House of Representatives part Steve Moriarty in 2014, losing to Mike Timmons.

In 2016, he vanquished Timmons.

In November 2018, he held his seat against Republican competitor Tamsin Thomas.

Following a determination of lung disease in 2018, Denno declared that he would leave from the state council in March 2019 and supported Steve Moriarty.

The uncommon race for Denno’s administrative seat in locale 45 was planned for 11 June 2019.

He died due to lung cancer at 68 years old.