Darius Perkins, Australian actor, Died at 54

Darius Anton Perkins was born on October 28, 1964, and died on January 2, 2019.

He was an Australian actor.

Mr. Darius was the original actor in the role of teenager Scott Robinson in the soap opera Neighbours before the role was taken over by Jason Donovan.

He also played Charlie in All the Green Year, Gary Samuels in Home and Away, and Ben in All the Rivers Run for which he won a Logie Award.

After a lengthy time away from the screen, in 2013 he returned to Neighbours in his first role in more than 19 years as guest character Marty Kranic.

He also appeared in two Bollywood films made in Australia.

Darius started acting during primary school, where Val Lehman was his drama teacher.

Darius first television role was in The Sullivans in 1976.

Darius played Charlie in All the Green Year and played guest roles in Prisoner, A Country Practice, Carson’s Law and The Flying Doctors.

Darius also played Ben in the HBO miniseries All the Rivers Run in 1983, which earned him the Logie Award for Best Juvenile Performance.

This was followed by the role of Scott Robinson in Neighbours.

He only appeared as Scott for the show’s first year.

When the series moved to Network Ten at the start of 1986, he was sacked from the role due to drug-related issues and problems with his behaviour on the set, including lateness.

He would later state, however, that his contract simply expired and he was not under obligation with Network Tenbehavior after the series had moved from Network Seven.

Jason Donovan took over the role and the character remained in the show until 1989.

After leaving Neighbours in 1986, he played Gary Samuels in Home and Away, a new soap opera devised as a rival for Neighbours.

Darius subsequently appeared once again on A Country Practice in the mid-1990s.

Darius also worked behind the scenes, most notably in the art department for the TV series Crashburn.

On 10 July 2013, it was announced that he would be returning to Neighbours in the guest role playing Paul Robinson’s shady business associate Marty Kranic.

He died due to cancer at age 54.