David Winters, American actor and choreographer, Died at 80

David Winters was born on April 5, 1939, and died on April 23, 2019; he was an English-American actor, dancer, choreographer, producer, film distributor, director and screenwriter.

David participated in over 150 television series, television specials, and motion pictures. His accolades include two Emmy Awards Nomination, a Peabody Awards, a Christopher Award, and many more.

At a young age, David was seen acting in film and television projects such as Lux Video Theatre, Naked City, Mister Peepers, Rock, Rock, Rock, and Roogie’s Bump.

David received some attention in Broadway musicals for his roles in West Side Story, and Gypsy. In the film adaptation of West Side Story, he was one of the few to be re-cast.

It became the highest grossing motion picture of that year and won 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

While David continued acting, he gained recognition for his dance choreography. He was, frequently seen on television with his troupe David Winters Dancers in various variety shows most notably Hullabaloo where he was the first to choreograph the Watusi, originated the Freddy, and popularised several dances in the 1960s.

David was a frequent collaborator of Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret including their hit film Viva Las Vegas.

Other dance choreography credits include T.A.M.I. The show, Send Me No Flowers, Billie, A Star Is Born. For the TV movie Movin’ with Nancy, he is, noted to be the first dance choreographer to be nominated in the history of the Emmys in the Special Classification of Individual Achievements category, before the Outstanding Achievement in Choreography (for which he was, also chosen.

He eventually became a director and a producer starting with a streak of star-studded TV specials including Raquel!, and Once Upon a Wheel.

His first theatrical release was the concert film Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare, it is noted for imaginative costumes and set.

David also directed the Award-winning Horror Comedy, The Last Horror Film. It was Joe Spinell’ second lead role and his last collaboration with Caroline Munro.

Another directorial effort was the teenage romance skateboarding film, Thrashin’, starring Josh Brolin in his first lead. In the mid-1980s, Winters began his production and distribution company, Action International Pictures, within this enterprise he mostly produced for other directors, a number of them are, directed by David A.

Previous starring his brother Ted. Some of these cult classics include Deadly Prey, Aerobicide, Space Mutiny, and Mankillers.

From then on he specialised in action-oriented films many with recurring actors such as Robert Ginty, David Carradine, Robert Davi, Jan-Michael Vincent, Cameron Mitchell, and Oliver Reed.

David Winters passed away at the age of 80.