Dejan Anastasijevic, Serbian journalist, Died at 57

Dejan Anastasijevic was born in 1962, and died on April 24, 2019, in Belgrade after a long illness; he was a Serbian journalist.

He was a longtime correspondent for Time magazine, Vreme, Tanjug, B92, the BBC and many others.

Dejan reported from the battles in the former Yugoslavia and wrote extensively about war crimes, receiving the wrath of the Serbian authorities at the time.

One of his reports on Serbian atrocities in Kosovo in 1998 ended in criminal charges being, filed against him, which provoked him to move to Vienna for some years, where he worked for the Central and East European Bureau of Time magazine.

He was fearless labelling the perpetrators of atrocities that earned him many enemies. In 2007, Dejan was the victim of a failed assassination attempt when an anonymous character placed two bombs on the window of his home.

Dejan Anastasijevic sadly passed away on April 24, 2019, after battling a long illness, he was 57 years old.