Don Perry, Canadian ice hockey player, Died at 89

Donald Frederick Perry was born on March 16, 1930, in Edmonton, Alberta, and died on April 15, 2019.

He was a Canadian ice hockey defenceman and coach.

Perry started his playing vocation with Edmonton zone junior group groups.

Don Perry broke into expert hockey in 1950 with the Boston Olympics, and in 1954, he began a long residency as player-mentor with the New Haven Blades of the Eastern Hockey League.

His groups were gifted, winning the main elite athletics title the city has ever had in 1956, however they picked up a notoriety for their physical play that frequently included fisticuffs.

He resigned from the ice in 1969 with more than 600 more than 1000 amusements at the blue line.

Perry kept on training the Blades until 1972.

During the 1980s, he coaches the New Haven Nighthawks of the American Hockey League, and the Los Angeles Kings’.

Perry went on as a Professional Scout for the LA Kings.

He served them for more than 10 years before retiring to his long-time home in Hague-on-Lake-George, NY and, subsequently in Green Valley, AZ.

Don Perry died at 89 years old.