Doreen Spooner, British photographer, Died at 91

Doreen Spooner was born in 1928, and died on April 21, 2019; she was the first woman to work as a staff photographer on a Fleet Street newspaper during a forty-year profession, mostly on the Daily Mirror.


Born in North London in 1928, Doreen was encouraged in her career choice by her father Len, Picture Editor at the Daily Herald Several other men in her family were, employed on different papers.

At the age of eight, Doreen father bought her a five-shilling camera from Woolworth.

After taking a photographic subject at the Bolt Court School of Photography, Doreen worked briefly for the Keystone Picture Agency then joined the Daily Mirror from 1949, employed by Simon Clyne, picture editor, at a time when almost every woman used by British newspapers was a typist or tea-lady.

Doreen Spooner Passed away at the age of 91.