Dynand Fariz, Indonesian designer, Died at 55

Dynand Fariz, died on April 17, 2019, he was an Indonesian designer.
He was one of eleven siblings born to a rural family.

When Fariz was young, his family left there village to take advantage of the educational opportunities in the nearby city of Jember.

When Fariz was in senior high school, he began to search for a way to do something valuable. Fariz describes this quest as having a “desperate” quality because at the time he felt concerned that his large family might drift apart.

Dynand Fariz came up with a plan to hold a family reunion every year, during which every family member would dress up in costume and present something of interest to the group.


The event was a success. Ultimately, over 350 members of his extended family became involved; they had to rent a hotel ballroom to entertain the crowd.

Fariz took personal satisfaction in the experience of his relatives from the village, who grew comfortable with the city experiences-riding in elevators and eating in restaurants, among others-that had once seemed foreign.

As his siblings got engaged and married, their in-laws developed their own, versions of the family festival, a pattern that continues to this day.

Fariz direct family remains a core part of the Jember Carnival, later Fariz noticed his talent for art and entertainment.

Fariz moved to Jakarta, where he received a scholarship to study fashion. His involvement as a student made him aware of the importance of being a dedicated and wholehearted teacher.

Soon, Fariz began to lecture in a modelling school. Where he was determined to share his good fortune with his community. Fariz firmly believes in the competency and creativity of each.

Although fashion is usually, equated with the fortunate, Fariz thinks of it as something that can be learned and experienced by everyone.