Eddie Tigner, American blues keyboardist, singer and songwriter, Died at 92

Keyboardist Ed Tigner, Jr., better known as Eddie Tigner was born on August 11, 1926, and died on April 18, 2019.

He was an American blues pianist, keyboardist, singer and songwriter.

He was born in Macon, Georgia, United States.

Tigner recorded two albums, both released by Music Maker, and continued to perform on stage each week, despite being in his nineties.

Tigner performed standing up at the keyboard recently, noting “Most keyboard players sit; I can’t anymore. If I sit down to play, I’ll go to sleep.

He joined the positions of the Music Maker Relief Foundation’s specialists in 1998.

Music Maker has helped Eddie get an international ID, gave him awards for doctor prescribed medication, and talented him with a console.

Additionally, Eddie has visited with the Music Maker Blues Revue all through Europe and the United States.

He also recorded his collections Route 66 and Slippin’ In, and been included in the book Music Makers: Portraits.

Eddie performed Songs from the Roots of America (2004) and the Music Maker narrative Toot Blues.

Eddie Tigner passed away at 92 years old.