Eddie Ugbomah, Nigerian film director, producer and actor, Died at 78

Eddie Ugbomah was born on December 19, 1940, and died on May 11, 2019.

He was a Nigerian film director and producer.

Ugbomah directed and produced films such as the Rise and Fall of Oyenusi in 1979, The Boy is Good and Apalara, a film about the life and murder of Alfa Apalara in Oko Awo, Lagos.

The plot of a portion of his movies are approximately founded on genuine occasions, The Rise and Fall of Oyenusi depend on the vocation of a famous burglar, Ishola Oyenusi.

His movies, for the most part, handles contemporary social and political issues.

In 1979, he created Dr. Oyenusi, the film’s plot taken from the features is about a famous looter, Ishola Oyenusi who threatened Lagosians in the mid-1970s.

Ugbomah’s career took off into the early 1980s producing such films as Oil Doom, Bolus ’80 and The Boy is Good.

A majority of his films were shot in 16mm with the exception of The Mask.

During his later career, he started making Yoruba video films.

Ugbomah was appointed the chairman of the Nigerian Film Corporation, in 1988.

Ugbomah passed away at 78 years old.