Ellen Schwiers, German actress, Died at 88

Ellen Schwiers was born on June 11, 1930, and died on April 26, 2019; she was a German actress on stage, in film and television, who made a global career.

She performed in more than 200 films and television shows between 1949 and 2017.

Ellen was born in Stettin, the daughter of Lutz Schwiers, a travelling actor. She had a first engagement by Heinz Hilpert at the Theater Gottingen.

Ellen performed in the world premieres of Dürrenmatt’s Der Meteor and Frisch’s Biografie: Ein Spiel at the Schauspielhaus Zürich and was universally recognised playing the Buhlschaft in Jedermann at the Salzburg Festival.

She was married to Peter Jacob in 1956. Their daughter Katerina Jacob also became an actress.

Ellen founded a touring theatre company with both, Das Ensemble, which she kept operating after her husband’s death in 1992, and then passed to her daughter.

She performed last on stage at age 84 in the comedy Altweiberfrühling, with her daughter and her brother Holger Schwiers.

Ellen Schwiers sadly passed away at her home in Starnberg on April 26, 2019; she was 88 years old.