Erik Martin, German songwriter and editor, Died at 81

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Erik Martin was born on January 12, 1936, in Neuss and died on April 25, 2017.

He was a German writer, songwriter and composer of songs.

Martin was the founder and editor of the literature and art magazine Muschelhaufen.

He was the first-born son of Illa and Ernst J. Martin – both dentists and dendrologists; they were the founders of the Sequoiafarm Kaldenkirchen.

Helge Breloer is Martin’s sister, who is the tree-and-bush expert.

He grew up in Kaldenkirchen, went to Aloisiuskolleg in Bad Godesberg and graduated at Thomaeum High-School Kempen.

He completed his education in Aachen, then he worked as a teacher of German and Biology in Viersen, where he created schoolgardens and worked out environmental projects joining the German Waldjugend

During 1997 he received the Klaus-Gundelach-Prize for his merits concerning his environmental protection and his youth novel Fjellwanderung.

He was married and had two sons.

Martin lived in Viersen-Dülken.

Erik Martin passed away at 81 years old.