Fay McKenzie, American actress, Died at 101

Eunice Fay McKenzie was born on February 19, 1918, in Hollywood, California, and died on April 16, 2019.

She was better known professionally as Fay McKenzie.

She was also briefly billed as Fay Shannon was an American actress and singer.

McKenzie featured in quiet movies as a kid, and afterward stable movies as a grown-up, yet maybe she is best known for her driving jobs inverse Gene Autry in the mid-1940s in five highlights.

McKenzie additionally showed up on Broadway, radio, and TV and she would show up in movies until 1981.

McKenzie had the stage guardians, father movie on-screen character Eva (née Heazlitt) and Irish American on-screen character/executive Robert McKenzie.

McKenzie’s dad had a stock organization called the McKenzie Merry Makers’ and was both an on-screen character and chief in stage creations and movies.

Her organization included such entertainers as Broncho Billy Anderson, Ben Turpin, and Victor Potel.

When she was ten weeks old, she showed up in an uncredited part in the film Station Content (1918) as Kitty’s child (played by Gloria Swanson).

McKenzie showed up in four other quiet movies as a kid: A Knight of the West (1921) as Fray Murten, When Love Comes (1922) as Ruth, The Judgment of the Storm (1924) as a Heath Twin, and The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln (1924) as a youthful Sarah Lincoln (Abraham Lincolns stepmother).

Fay’s sisters Ida Mae McKenzie and Ella McKenzie, and her brother by marriage Billy Gilbert were likewise entertainers.

Ida Mae additionally played the character of Sarah Lincoln in The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln, in the piece of the film where she had turned into a youngster.

Eunice Fay McKenzie passed away at 101 years old.