Graciela Araujo, Argentine actress, Died at 88

Graciela Araujo was born in Argentina, on September 24, 1930, and died on May 04, 2019; she was an Argentina actress.

Graciela started on the radio during the 1950s, taken to television by Alberto Migre.

For years, she was part of the stable cast of the Teatro General San Martín, where she performed a multiplicity of classic works such as La Celestina.


As for the cinema, Graciela participated in two films: Yo, la Peor de todas in 1990 and Un pared de Silencio in 1993.

In addition to dubbing the voice of Nuria Torray in Dar la cara, she took part in television series recognised as Her Favorite Comedy in 1965 and Como Vos y yo in 1998.

Together Jose María Langlais starred in That Joy We Lost, a radio play by Alberto Migre. Graciela also made a double with Jorge Martínez Conti.

Graciela Araujo passed away on May 3, 2019, at age 88 after natural complications.