Greg Theakston, American comics artist, Died at 65

Greg Allen Theakston was born on on November 21, 1953, and died on April 22, 2019.

He was an American comics artist and illustrator .

Theakston worked for many publishers.

Theakston was the owner of an independent publication as a comics historian under his Pure Imagination imprint.

He was known for inventing the Theakstonizing process used in comics restoration.

Theakston was a member of the Detroit region being a fan network, adding to Detroit’s Fantasy Fans and Comic-gatherer’s Group on their fanzine The Fan Informer (1968– 71), just as his own production, The Aardvark Annual (1968), and Titan.

For a significant part of the 1970s, Theakston sorted out the Detroit Triple Fan Fair, credited as one of the primary shows in the United States committed to comic book in the long run owning it in the wake of taking a shot at various shows.

In the wake of moving on from Redford High School in 1971, Theakston worked with craftsman Jim Steranko at his Supergraphics distributing organization in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Theakston moved with accomplice Carl Lundgren to upstate New York in 1972, where he started outlining for men’s magazines, including Gent, Dude and Nugget.

In 2010, he earned the Shel Dorf Torch Bearer’s Award, or Preserving the Flame of the Spirit of Comics and Carrying the Torch Forward in the Comic Industry.

Theakston passed away at 65 years old.