Grigori F. Krivosheev, Russian military historian, Died at 89

Grigoriy Fedotovich Krivosheyev was born on September 15, 1929, and died on April 29, 2019; he was a Russian military historian and a retired Colonel General of the Russian military.

He is mostly known in the West, via an alternative transliteration of his name, Krivosheev, as the editor of a book on Soviet military casualties in the 20th century, which was translated and published in English.


Grigoriy was born in the village of Kinterep, Legostayevsky (now Iskitimsky) District of the Novosibirsk Oblast (province) in western Siberia.

He was a graduate of the Frunze Military Academy, with a PhD in military science, from 1995, he was a professor in the Russian Academy of Military Sciences.

Grigoriy Fedotovich Krivosheyev passed away at the age of 89.