Ilja Bergh, pianist and composer, died at 98

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rtr56ertse53w54Ilja Bergh, born January 22, 1917 and died September 5, 2015, he was a Danish pianist and composer.

His father was a singing teacher and his mother, Russian-born, was a painter.

His grandfather was the composer Rudolph Sophus Bergh and his great-grandfather physician and zoologist Rudolph Bergh.

Bergh led a colorful and turbulent life.

His childhood took him from Berlin to Riga and Kiev, to Copenhagen.

Bergh received his first piano lessons in Kiev 1935-1937.

After World War II, he was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Music, but was thrown out.

Later he was admitted again and received his diploma in 1957.

Ilja Bergh died at 98 on September 5, 2015.