Jack de Mello, American composer, Died at 102

Jack de Mello was born on November 15, 1916, and died on April 27, 2019; he was an American, Arranger, keyboardist, composer, conductor, producer, entrepreneur and founder of Music Of Polynesia Inc. He is the Father of Jon de Mello.

He began his involvement with Hawaiian music in 1947.

Jack de recorded near to 160 albums of all sorts of music, including almost 500 Hawaiian songs.

These songs recorded in the biggest and best studios around the world gave Hawaiian music a new identity.


He has Studios in London, Barclay Studios in Paris, RCA in Rome, major studios in Hollywood, New York, Chicago all became Jack’s playground and introduced the world’s music business to a category of music that they only heard in scratchy radio broadcasts from Waikiki Beach on Saturday mornings.

Jack de established Hawaiian music viable to a musical world who felt it primitive at best.

The London Philharmonic, The Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Victor Concert Orchestra and the NHK Kokyogakudan were among those who marvelled at what was traditional Hawaiian music arranged by what was quickly becoming one of the masters of Hawaiian music.

Victor Records of Japan recognised Jack’s talent and recruited him to produce 21 albums featuring the Victor Pops Orchestra over an eleven-year partnership.

Jack de Mello sadly passed away on April 27, 2019; he was 102 years old.