Jeronimo Bello, Argentine rugby player, Died at 25

Jeronimo Bello died on May 7, 2019; he suffered a severe cervical injury almost three years ago, he suffered the displacement of the fourth and fifth vertebrae during the game against Newman in September 2016, when he collapsed at minute 35 of the first half.

Later, Jeronimo was, operated on at the Austral Hospital.

Jeronimo was the son of Juan Pablo Bello, with a long career in the Champagnat club.

Since then, Jeronimo was, admitted to a clinic in Pilar.

The first example was given by him, who clung to life without losing his smile.


From his parents, everyone highlighted the strength, the courage, the strength that they transmitted to him.

A sister, a physiotherapist, significantly reduced her work in order, to help him.

But the attitude that did not cease to amaze was that of his friends.

His many friends, basically from the Pilgrims school and the SIC, when they saw that convalescence was going to be prolonged, organized themselves intending to always have one with him, as well as his family.

Every day, During the 24 hours, they took turns accompanying him.

Sadly, Jeronimo Bello passed away on May 7, 2019; he was 25 years old.