Jerrie Cobb, American aviator, Died at 88

Aviator Geraldyn M. Cobb was born on March 5, 1931, in Norman, Oklahoma, and died on March 18, 2019.

She served as an American aviator.

Jerrie Cobb participated in the “Mercury 13 mission.”

That gathering of ladies chose to experience physiological screening tests in the meantime as the first Mercury Seven space travelers.

The team was a part of a private, non-NASA program.


She started more than 30 years of evangelist work in South America, performing compassionate flying, e.g., transporting supplies to indigenous clans, and looking over new air courses to remote zones.

She “spearheaded new air courses over the unsafe Andes Mountains and Amazon downpour woodlands, utilizing self-drawn maps that guided her over unknown domain bigger than the United States.”

Cobb’s earned much aviation awards, including the Harmon Trophy and the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale’s Gold Wings Award.

Her father was Lt. Col. William H. Cobb and mother Helena Butler Stone Cobb.

Jerrie Cobb passed away at 88 years old.