Jorge Longarón, Spanish illustrator, Died at 85

Jordi Longarón i Llopart was born in 1933, in Barcelona, he died on May 10, 2019.

He was better known as Jorge Longarón.

Longarón was a Spanish illustrator for magazines and comic strips.

He started expertly amid the 1950s.

Longarón was the comice writer who wrote Arsénico Lupin in Chispa and Chan-Chu-Llo in Garabatos and furthermore added to El Pequeño Mosquetero, Serenata Extra, Hazañas Belicas and Hazañas del Oeste.

In 1969, for the Chicago Tribune and the New York News Syndicate, Longarón worked with author Jim Lawrence to make the ‘Friday Foster’ funny cartoon about a youthful female picture taker.

‘Friday Foster’ was propelled January 18, 1970, and was syndicated until 1974, with Gray Morrow assuming control over the craftsmanship tasks in the last year.

In 1975, it was adjusted into an element film featuring Pam Grier.

Longarón has done many spread outlines for American distributions. As a fine craftsman, he has painted Catalan scenes and the American Southwest.

Longarón’s work can be found in the fine art of Cliff Chiang and others.

Jorge Longarón passed away at 85 years old.