Joseph Michel, Belgian politician, Died at 90


Joseph Michel was born on October 26, 1925, in Saint-Mard, Virton and died on June 3, 2016.

He was a Christian-democratic Belgian politician, member of the PSC.

Michel was President of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives (1980-1981)

He served as Minister of the Interior twice.

Joseph was elected a member of the city council of Virton (1959-1994), where he also served as alderman (1959-1970) and mayor (1970-1982), in 1958.

Michel officially became a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives in 1961 and served until 1991.

The politician was the President of the Chamber of Representatives from 1980-1981. Michel was minister of the Interior (1974-1977) in thre first government of Leo Tindemans.

In his political career, he put through a massive fusion operation in which the number of Belgian communes was lowered from 2.359 to 596.

Since 1977 to 1979, Joseph was the minister of French-language National Education.

Then later again he served a second term as minister of the Interior (1986-1988) under Wilfried Martens.

Joseph Michel passed away at 90 yrs old.