Julio César Toresani, Argentine football player, Died at 51

Julio César Toresani was born on December 5, 1967, and died on April 21 or 22, 2019, he committed suicide; he was an Argentine football midfielder and coach.

Known as El Huevo (“The Egg”) because of his egged shaped head, he played as a right midfielder and was, recognised for his rough playing style.

Several fans consider Julio to be a traitor in football terms, since he played for both Boca Juniors and River Plate, which are rival teams, as well as for Colón de Santa Fe and Unión de Santa Fe, also rivals.


Julio is one of very few players to have played for all three of the largest teams in Argentina; he has appeared for River Plate, Boca Juniors and Independiente.

Colón fans, though, hold him in high esteem. Julio coached Colón until 28 August 2006, when he was fired because of the team’s poor results, losing all four games he played.

In 2007, Julio took over Aldosivi from Mar del Plata, team which he managed until mid-October of that year when he was, dismissed from his duties.

In January 2009, Julio agreed to undertake a new challenge in his coaching profession and relocated to La Paz to be the manager of the popular Bolivian team, The Strongest.

On May 31, 2009, the club announced the rupture of the relations with Julio, after he decided to resign from his duties.

Julio César Toresani passed away at the age of 50.