Kent Harris, American songwriter, Died at 88

American songwriter Kent Levaughn Harris was born on October 15, 1930, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and died on April 17, 2019.

He was an American former songwriter and record producer

Prominent for his curiosity tunes, for example, “Shoppin’ for Clothes” (a hit for The Coasters, credited to Harris, Leiber and Stoller) and “Cops and Robbers” (a hit for Bo Diddley).

Harris recorded under different aliases Ducky Drake and Boogaloo and his Gallant Crew.

Harris was brought up in San Diego, California

Harris originally recorded in 1954 as Ducky Drake for Trend Records, singing the B-side of his sister Dimples Harris’ record “Hello Mr. Jam.” The B-side was designated “1992.”

At that point, he changes his stage name to Boogaloo.

He initially recorded the tune later known as “Shoppin’ For Clothes” for Crest Records, as “Garments Line (Wrap It Up).”

Harris is recorded with 97 tunes in the BMI lyricists’ database.

He shaped his own name, Romark Records, in 1960.

His different compositions Harris incorporate “Fat Sally” by The Sevilles (from 1961), “Sweetheart Supreme” by Prentice Moreland, “I’ll Come Back To You” by Dorothy Berry.

Likewise “Advise Her For Me” by Jimmy Norman, “Gracious! My Aching Back” by H. B. Barnum (all from 1962), and “The Big Rip Off” by The Coasters (from 1976).

As of late, he dealt with delivering and co-composing a few tunes for the movie film soundtrack, Norbit.

Kent Harris achieved so much throughout his career and will be remembered.

Kent Harris passed away at 88 years old.