Kris Kelmi, Russian singer-songwriter, Died at 63

Kris Kelmi real name Anatoli Arievich Kelmi was born on April 21, 1955, and died on January 1, 2019.

He was a Soviet and Russian rock and pop musician and composer.

Kris was a member of the bands Leap Summer, Autograph, and Rock Atelier.

A portion of his most notable tunes are Night Rendezvous, Closing the Ring, and Tired Taxi.

Most online sources demonstrated that he was a pen name, the performer’s surname was he.

Mr. Kris Kelmi believed that he most likely was Lithuanian on his father’s side, explaining that there is a town in Lithuania called Kelmė, which is consonant with his last name.

He took the nickname in 1972, after Dr. Kris Kelvin, the hero of Stanisław Lem’s novel, Solaris.

He passed away at 63 years old.