Kurohimeyama Hideo, Japanese sumo wrestler, Died at 70

Kurohimeyama Hideo was born on November 12, 1948, and died on April 2019 from pneumonia, born as Hideo Tanaka; he was a sumo wrestler from Ōmi, Niigata, Japan.

He started his professional debut in March 1964, and leading reached the top division in July 1969.

After Kurohimeyama was re-promoted to the top division in November 1969, he fought there for 71 continuous tournaments and 1065 matches, never missing a single fight. His highest rank was sekiwake.


Kurohimeyama made 18 appearances in the lower sanyaku ranks (sekiwake or komusubi) but unusually for someone with that level of success never won a tournament championship (yusho) in any division.

He retired in January 1982 and became a senior in the Japan Sumo Association. He worked as a coach at Tatsunami stable, and his two sons were both wrestlers there under the shikona of Haguronada and Hagurokuni.

He borrowed the Nishikijima, Yamahibiki, Dekiyama and Kitajin elder names before lastingly acquiring the Takekuma name in 1988 upon the mandatory retirement of ex-sekiwake Kitanonada.

Following the departure of Tatsunami’s stablemaster in 1999, Kurohimeyama branched out to open up his own Takekuma stable, although it folded after only five years in 2004 after his only remaining wrestler (Hagurokuni) retired, and he moved to Tomozuna stable.

Kurohimeyama reached the Sumo Association’s compulsory retirement age of 65 in November 2013. His grandson Toranosuke joined Sakaigawa stable in May 2018 and fought as Tanakayama.

He passed away on April 25, 2019, from pneumonia.