Leif Haraldseth, Norwegian trade unionist and politician, Died at 89

Leif Haraldseth was born on November 30, 1929, in Drammen, and died on April 9, 2019.

He was a Norwegian trade unionist and politician for the Labour Party.

He was the son of worker Hans Haraldseth (1905–1977) and housewife Ingrid (1907–1999).

Leif Haraldseth completed secondary education in 1947.

He then became a delivery boy in the Norwegian State Railways for two years.

Leif went on to attend the Railway School and worked as a telegrapher in the State Railways from 1951 til 1965.

Haraldseth served as district secretary of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions in Buskerud, in 1965.

After four years, Leif was promoted to secretary and in 1977 to vice chairman of the organization.

Leif Haraldseth was a board individual from Buskerud Industriselskap in numerous situations from 1966– 1970), the National Institute of Technology (1973– 1977), Sydvaranger (1973– 1978), Folk og everlastingly (1973– 1979, agent seat), Feriefondet (1973– 1986), the National Wages Board (1977– 1986), the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (1977– 1980), the Industry Fund (1978– 1982), the Norwegian Directorate of Labor (1979– 1980), the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority (1980– 1984), the Norwegian Guarantee Institute for Export Credits (1981– 1986), Samvirke (1985– 1989), Fafo Foundation (1987– 1989, seat) and Norsk Hydro (1988– 1998).

Leif Haraldseth was a chamber individual from Norsk Produktivitetsinstitutt (1980– 1981) and the Labor Court of Norway (1988– 1989), and led the supervisory board of Landsbanken (1985– 1989).

Leif Haraldseth passed away at 89 years old.