Lorenzo Quinteros, Argentine actor, Died at 73

Lorenzo Quinteros was born on June 14, 1945, in Córdoba Province, and died on April 23, 2019.

He was an Argentine cinema and theatre actor.

He has appeared in many films.

He made his debut in Alianza para el progreso in 1971.

Quinteros’ notoriety as a skilled character on-screen character was built up with driving jobs in Eliseo Subiela’s Hombre mirando al sudeste (Man Facing Southeast, 1986) and Últimas imágenes del naufragio (Last Scenes from the Shipwreck, 1989).

His other prominent appearances incorporate Noche de los lápices (1986), Un Muro de Silencio (1993), El Acto en cuestión (1994), Eva Perón (1996), Buenos Aires Vice Versa (1996), Las Aventuras de Dios (2000) and Valentín (2002).

He was all the while working in the theater, too; in 2009.

Quinteros was given a role as the Marquis de Sade in a neighborhood creation of Swedish dramatist Peter Weiss’ Marat/Sade.

Lorenzo Quinteros passed away at 73 years old.