Lydia Wideman, Finnish cross-country skier, Died at 98

Lydia Wideman who was later Wideman-Lehtonen was born on May 17, 1920, and died April 13, 2019.

She was a cross-country skier.

Wideman came from Finland and the first female Olympic medalist in cross-country skiing.

During 1952, Wideman took part in thirteen 10 km races and won all of them, including the 1952 Winter Olympics, national championships and Lahti Ski Games.

Herself and her twin sister Tyyne were born in a family of ten siblings.

Wideman came from a family were skilled cross-country skiers.

Specifically, Tyyne won the national 10 km title in 1949– 1951, beating Lydia in 1951, however resigning that year.

In February 2018, after the passing of Durward Knowles, she turned into the most seasoned living Olympic boss.

Lydia Wideman passed away at 98 years old.