Mario Fabbrocino, Italian mobster, Died at 76

Mario Fabbrocino was born on January 5, 1943, and died on April 23, 2019; he was an influential Italian crime boss of the Camorra – the Neapolitan mafia.

He was the leader of the Fabbrocino clan, based in the Vesuvius area, with its sphere of influence around Nola, Ottaviano, San Giuseppe Vesuviano, San Gennaro Vesuviano. He is nicknamed “ò gravunaro” (“the charcoal burner”).

Mario was one of the leaders of the Nuova Famiglia, created in the 1980s to face the rising power of Raffaele Cutolo’s Nuova Camorra Organizzata.

The feud with Cutolo intensified when Cutolo ordered the killing of Fabbrocino’s brother Francesco. Fabbrocino later avenged his brother’s death by ordering the murder of Cutolo’s only son, Roberto.

On the run since 1988, Mario was among the most wanted fugitives of Italy for murder in 1982. He was, arrested in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 3, 1997. After a lengthy legal battle, he was, deported to Italy in March 2001.

Mario was released in July 2002 because the legal term for preventive custody expired. However, he received an arrest warrant for cocaine trafficking and was, arrested again.

Mario was, sentenced to 6 years and four months in January 2003. He was released in August 2004, because he had served in his prison term ( the time he had spent in jail in Argentina waiting for extradition was, included).

He was sentenced to life on April 13, 2005, for the killing of Roberto Cutolo (born in 1962; the son of Raffaele Cutolo and historical enemy of Fabbrocino) on December 19, 1990, in Tradate.

Mario became a fugitive once more. On August 15, 2005, he was arrested again in his home in San Giuseppe Vesuviano.

Mario Fabbrocino passed away at the age of 76.