Martin Böttcher, German composer, arranger and conductor, Died at 91

Martin Böttcher was born on June 17, 1927, and died on April 19, 2019.

He was a German composer, arranger, and conductor.

Böttcher (on remote records and articles regularly stated “Bottcher” or “Boettcher”, the last being the right transliteration of the German umlaut “ö”) started taking piano exercises at an early age.

However, his first enthusiasm was flying, and he needed to turn into an aircraft tester.

Not yet seventeen years of age, he got his military preparation in the German Luftwaffe.

Be that as it may, because of the absence of fuel, he never went energetically.

As a wartime captive, he figured out how to get hold of a guitar and instructed himself to play it. Following his discharge from imprisonment, he went to Hamburg.

There he began his melodic profession with the then Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk, in the move and stimulation ensemble which had been recently established by Willi Steiner, and which was held in high regard in England.

At first, he focused on jazz, and he turned into the number two guitarist in a German jazz survey.

Martin Böttcher likewise increased his essential experience as an arranger for film writers, among them Michael Jary and Hans-Martin Majewski, for whom he masterminded some portion of the music for Liebe ’47.

Martin Böttcher passed away at 91 years old.