Maurício Peixoto, Brazilian engineer and mathematician, Died at 98

Maurício Matos Peixoto was born on April 15, 1921, in Fortaleza, Ceará, and died on April 28, 2019, in Rio de Janeiro.

He was a Brazilian engineer and mathematician.

Peixoto spearheaded the examinations on basic dependability and was the creator of Peixoto’s hypothesis.

For his hypothesis, he won the Bunge Foundation Award in the time of 1969.

As per Bunge Foundation, “the hypothesis of Peixoto on the auxiliary steadiness in two-dimensional assortments motivated the mathematician S. Smale to make the general hypothesis of dynamic frameworks”.

He was granted the TWAS Prize by the Third World Science Academy in 1986, “for his crucial and pioneer examines on auxiliary dependability in dynamical frameworks, specifically for demonstrating that surface streams are conventionally basically steady.

Marília Chaves Peixoto turned into his better half in 1946, with whom he had two kids Marta and Ricardo.

Maurício Matos Peixoto passed away at 98 years old.