Michael Zampelas, Cypriot politician, Died at 82

Michael Herodotou Zampelas was born on March 19, 1937, and died on May 15, 2019.

He was a Cypriot businessman, politician, and philanthropist.

He was a Cypriot by birth.

He received his educated in the UK and became a Chartered Accountant in 1965.

He was hitched to Loukia, and they had three little girls and eight grandkids.

Loukia Zampelas is additionally in all respects effectively associated with the network and with open issues.

Michael and Loukia were extraordinary admirers of natural agribusiness including the developing of natural foods grown from the ground and makers of natural poultry and eggs.

They were likewise incredible darlings and authorities of craftsmanship and have assumed a significant job in advancing Cypriot Art.

In 1999, Michael Zampelas established the organization Zampelas Art to set up a total Art Center for the advancement of craftsmanship and culture in Cyprus and abroad.

Besides, other craftsmanship related endeavors were made, under the brand name Zmart. These are: Zmart Education, Smart Gallery, Smart Shop, Zmart Café and Zmart Framing.

Moreover, Zampelas Art will before long dispatch the Journal of Arts, another quarterly e-diary committed to expressions of the human experience.

Michael Zampelas passed away at 82 years old.