Mike Williamson, Australian sports commentator, Died at 90

Michael Francis Williamson was born in June 1928, and died on May 2, 2019; he was an Australian television broadcaster.

Michael was a well-performed professional runner. Having been banned from professional foot-running for “running dead”, he turned his energies towards acting as a sports commentator of Australian rules football matches in the Victorian Football League with radio stations 3AK and 3AW before joining HSV-7 in 1959 as part of Seven’s VFL football team.

Critical moments in Michael commentary career include the 1966 Grand Final where St Kilda won their first premiership as well as the 1970 VFL Grand Final where Williamson called the now immortal “Jesaulenko, you beauty!”, one of the most famous quotes in the history of Australian rules.


The words were part of several advertising campaigns, including one for Carlton Draught, as well as a 2006 Toyota Memorable Moments campaign featuring Alex Jesaulenko himself.

As well as commentating, Michael was associated with general announcing duties at both 3AK and 3AW. Staff at 3AW gave him the nickname “Scoop”, a reference to his midday program “Radio Roundsman”, emphasising interviews with people making news around Melbourne.

He also compared the “TAA Hit Parade”, a 6 pm Sunday program featuring the 8 top tunes of the week.

At HSV-7 he compared several, variety and quiz shows, the most notable being Tell the Truth and The Penthouse Club.

The latter was co-hosted by Mary Hardy who later compared the show with others, including Bill Collins and Ernie Sigley.

Michael Francis Williamson passed away in May 2019, at the age of 90.