Nils John Nilsson, American computer scientist, Died at 86

Nils John Nilsson was born in 1933, and died on April 23, 2019; he was an American computer scientist.

He was one of the founding researchers in the discipline of artificial intelligence.

Nils was the first Kumagai Professor of Engineering (Emeritus) in Computer Science at Stanford University, position that he held since the chair was, established in 1990 until his death.


He is particularly famous for his contributions to search, planning, knowledge representation, and robotics.

Nils research was based mainly on the premise that intelligence is, based on the knowledge that must be, represented explicitly.

Nils received his PhD from Stanford in 1958 and spent much of his career at SRI International; a secret research lab spun off from Stanford.

Nils John Nilsson passed away at the age of 86.