Nils Utsi, Norwegian Sámi actor, Died 75

Nils Reidar Utsi was born on July 22, 1943, and died on January 1, 2019.

He was a Norwegian Sámi actor, stage director, and film director.

Nils worked for the theatres Den Nationale Scene in Bergen, Hålogaland Teater, which he also co-founded, and Beaivváš Sámi Našunálateáhter, where he staged his first play, an adaptation of Stones in His Pockets.

Nils co-directed the television series Ante from 1975, and also participated as an actor.

The series treated the situation of indigenous peoples through the Sami boy “Ante“, and was sold to 23 different countries.

Utsi played the character Raste in 1987 he Gaup awarded film Ofelaš Pathfinder.

He passed away at 75 years old.