Pedro de Saint Germain, Brazilian singer, Died at 69

Pedro de Saint Germain was born in 1950 and died on April 24, 2019.

He was a Brazilian singer, voice actor and holistic therapist.

Pedro was born in the City of São Paulo, SP, Brazil that has a Population of 12.18 million people.

He did voiceovers for LeFou (songs) in Beauty and the Beast, Pleakley on Lilo & Stitch ( Sigma Dubbing), Muscat (song) in Aladdin, Timon in The Lion King , Timon and Pumba, The Lion King 2: The Kingdom of Simba , The Point of Mickey and The Lion King 3 – Hakuna Matata, Wiggins (songs) in Pocahontas, Clopin (songs) in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Homen de Carrocinha and additional voices in The Lady and the Tramp II: The Adventures of Banzé, Abel / Bunny (Songs) in The Biggest Adventure of the Pooh Puff, The Pooh’s Book, The Pooh’s Pooh: A Very Happy Year, Piglet: The Movie and the Pooh Pooh: Guru’s Easter, and more.

Sadly, Peter of Saint Germain passed away on April 24, 2019; he was 69 years old.