Pieter Howes, South African journalist and political commentator, Dead

Pieter Howes died on May 7, 2019.

He was a South African political and social commentator.


Pieter Howes wrote for publications including US-based website The Inquisitr.

Howes was popularly known for his large following and significant presence on social media, particularly Twitter.

He was the founder of The Enwhitenment Project.

The project was described on Twitter as “a social collective that aims to create more awareness of all things related to Whiteness in order to bridge the racial division.”

He was known as an actor, theatre director, playwright, and television scriptwriter under the name Pieter Bosch prior to him becoming a commentator, which he changed to Howes after getting married to his partner Craig Howes.

His father is artist At Botha.

It was reported that he took his own life.

He had conveyed a couple of tweets preceding his going, on May 3, that some via web-based networking media have referred to as proof that his arrangements to end his very own life had just been made, including one approaching individuals to “be thoughtful to each other” and one saying that he was “not scared existing apart from everything else of death”.

His reason for death is said to be suicide.

Howes’ body was supposedly found in a Sandton lodging on Saturday after he didn’t return home and his significant other utilized cellphone following innovation to discover him.

Howes experienced bipolar turmoil, dramatist and family companion Wim Vorster told Netwerk24.

Pieter Bosch passed away in 2019.