Raymond Ramazani Baya, Congolese politician, Died at 75

Raymond Ramazani Baya was born on June 16, 1943, and died on January 1, 2019.

He was a Congolese politician.

Raymond served as the foreign minister of that country, under the transitional government following his appointment to that post on July 23, 2004, by vice-president Jean-Pierre Bemba, who was allowed to appoint the foreign minister.

He was a long-time member of the regime of President Mobutu, most prominently as Minister of Information and as Ambassador to France.

After the fall of Mobutu a year later, in 1997, he became dissatisfied with the new government of Laurent Kabila.

Raymond joined the Movement for the Liberation of Congo, a rebel group based in Gbadolite which was led by Jean-Pierre Bemba.

In 2003 the group entered into a transitional government with other rebel groups and the Joseph Kabila government.

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Antoine Ghonda became foreign minister, but he was by this time an important advisor on diplomacy to Bemba.

Raymond became foreign minister in 2004 when Ghonda was sacked.

His time in that post completed in February 2007, at the beginning of President Joseph his second term, when the assembly of Prime Minister Antoine Gizenga got serious.

He died at 75 years old.